Welcome to the official website of the Apolline Project, a multi-disciplinary research project investigating the northern ‘dark’ side of Vesuvius – the ancient territories of Nola and Neapolis. Fields of study include archaeology, volcanology and archaeobotany. Here you will find information about our work, especially the excavation of a post-79 AD Roman villa and baths at Pollena Trocchia near Naples. For those seeking more detailed information, links are provided to our reports and publications. An overview of the achievements and scope of the project can be found along with news about all the latest developments. In 2011 the project was awarded the European Archaeological Heritage Prize, to see why please follow the link. We are able to offer places on our excavations to volunteers and students seeking to develop their archaeological skills; more details can be found here. This site is continually being improved and updated and we thanks visitors for their patience and feedback as it continues to develop. Suggestions, comments and queries can be submitted at our ‘contact us’ page.