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If you experience any problem sending the form or you do not hear back from us in three weeks, please check your spam filter for any emails from
secretary@apollineproject.org. If you still cannot find any communications from us, then please contact us at that email. Please note that some servers are quite temperamental (because of firewall restrictions) and your application might not come through, so please keep a copy of that on your desktop.

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  • e.g. context identification, pottery analysis and drawing, drawing of contexts and structures, archaeological photography

  • e.g. stratigraphic analysis, lithofacies description, identification of depositional and eruptive units, detailed log drawing

  • if yes, please specify
  • Pottery study and restoration: June 3 - June 14 Dig Aeclanum: June 17 - June 28 Dig Aeclanum: July 1 - July 12 Dig Aeclanum: July 15 - July 26 Pottery Pompeii Pollena: July 1 - July 26 Animal Bones Pollena: August 12 - August 16 Human Bones Aeclanum: July 29 - August 9 Human Bones Pollena: August 19 - August 30 Pottery study and restoration: July 29 - August 9 Pottery study and restoration: August 19 - August 30 Dig Pausilypon: September 2 - September 13 Dig Pausilypon: September 16 - September 27 Dig Pausilypon: September 30 - October 11
    By marking more than one option we will assume that you are applying for more than one time slot. If this is not the case, please specify it in the "Comments" textbox.

  • Please provide the name and contact details of a relevant professor or other relevant professionale who can verify the details of your application.
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    To apply, please have two letters of recommendation sent by your referees to secretary@apollineproject.org by Monday, April 14.
  • Pottery Specialist Pedologist Archaeobotanist Archaeozoologist Expert in Public Archaeology IT Specialist Volcanologist None of the above
    If you have extensive experience in a particular field, you can apply for a position
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